Research Paper Writing Lessons: Learning the Essentials

Students in high schools and colleges often get tasks to write research papers. However, not all of them receive excellent grades for such assignments. Often, they get low scores because they structure and compose their papers in a poor way.

learn the essentials

In order not to write a paper that will have a bad structure and contents, you should learn the essentials about what chapters to create and what to include in them.

A title page.

This should be the first page of your paper. Here, you should indicate the topic of your academic work, your name, the name of your teacher, the information about your course and college, and the date of submission.

A table of contents.

This is a page that lists all the chapters and subchapters of your paper and indicates the pages from which they begin.

A bibliography.

This is a section in which you should list all previous studies, books, online articles, etc. that you consulted during your study. Your bibliography should be organized in an alphabetical order. It should be placed right after the main body of your paper.


This is an optional section. You might need to create it if you have a lot of graphs and tables that would be very inconvenient to place in the body of your paper. Organize them by numbers and present them after the bibliography.

The Main Chapters to Include in a Research Paper

This is a chapter that should present your topic and explain its importance for the general field of your study. Here, you should also indicate the main question or questions that you’re going to answer with your study. Interpret the main keywords that you’re going to use in the text and give a brief overview of the following sections.
This chapter should provide the reader with information about the main books and previous studies that you’ve analyzed during your work. There is no need to mention every source that you used in your study. List only the most influential ones and explain why they were so important for your investigation.
Now, you should explain to the reader what methodology you’ve picked to conduct your study and why you’ve selected this particular approach. Then, you should thoroughly describe what actions you’ve performed to achieve your goals and list the instruments that you’ve used in your work.
Having described your study methods, you should present the outcomes of your actions. It’s recommended to provide the raw figures first and only then discuss the significance of your results. Clearly interpret the meaning of the findings to the reader since they might not have such a deep knowledge of the topic as you do.
The last section of the main text of your paper should summarize the information provided earlier and state the importance of your academic work. At the end of your conclusion, you should suggest a few ways for the readers to continue the study you’ve started.

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Now that you know the basics of what parts your term paper should consist of, it’ll be much easier for you to compose it properly. Remember that if you have difficulties at any stage of your work, you may approach your instructor and ask them for tips and advice.